Surf n Yoga

Surf n Yoga

Surf and Yoga go hand-in-hand. Yoga creates energy, improves stamina and fitness, strengthens and tones the body and increases flexibility. It relaxes the body and calms the mind, promoting a positive and happy attitude.

Come join us on Wednesday mornings for a yoga session with Ananta Yoga Studio followed by a surf lesson with us here at Brittas Bay Surf School! 



Surf n' Yoga Time:

  • Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10am. Meet at 'The Tap' on the N11 directly beside Ananta Yoga Studio.


  • Please phone us on 086 739 6010 to book your place.

Surf n' Yoga Schedule:

  • 10am - 11.30am: Yoga Session
  • 12pm - 2pm: Surf Session


The practice of Yoga is the perfect way to both prepare the body for other sporting activities and to limit any negative effects of these activities on the more vulnerable areas of the body. The step by step approach and intelligent sequencing (vinyasa krama) of classical yoga postures (asanas) combined with correct use of special breathing techniques (pranayama) used in teaching Vinyasa Flow Yoga makes it accessible to all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

The Vinyasa Flow system recognises that no two bodies are the same and that each student will face individual challenges on many levels. Students are encouraged to work at their own pace and modifications and variations of each posture are explored when necessary so that everyone receives the many benefits a regular yoga practice has to offer. In preparation for sports such as surfing - yoga helps to correctly align and strengthen what are known as the three platforms or stabalising junctions of the body ie the feet and ankles, hips and pelvis and shoulder girdle. This helps to protect the parts of the body which are vulnerable during activities like surfing such as the ankles, knees, lower back and neck. As heat builds in the body through the practice of both static and dynamic yoga postures combined with an awareness of the breath, the joints become more open and muscles through out the body stretch and lengthen safely. Flexibility, strength and stamina is increased and the mind becomes more focused and quiet. Yoga will help to make your surf experience more enjoyable and maybe a little easier!

Yoga is practiced by many athletes involved in a diverse range of sporting activities at both professional and amateur level and is becoming increasingly popular as a form of therapy to prevent and treat injuries. It compliments every kind of sport. Liz Richards is a Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor and the founder of The Ananta Yoga Studio, The Tap, Kilbride, Co. Wicklow. She has over 400 hours training and 2500 hours teaching experience behind her and teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga to students of all levels of fitness and ability.

Liz has also been running popular Yoga for Athletes classes for students involved sports such as rugby, tennis, football, golf, surfing and equestrian sports and has worked closely with members of the East Coast Tri-Club and Iron Man Training for the past year.

See for more about The Ananta Yoga Studio.

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